creative director

Creative, Copywriting & Content

I specialize in smart, persuasive creative and copy for brands whose audiences expect a little wit with their whimsy.

If you’re with an agency, a CMO, or a creative department, I can help you create your next Big Story.

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I’m passionate about creating focused, elegant, in-voice, and on-brand copywriting that results in quantifiable action.

Content Marketing

Since the advent of open-source content management systems, I’ve been blogging for hire and otherwise.

Reporter's Notebook


I’m a seasoned, award-winning journalist and editor, well-steeped in arts, lifestyle, and entertainment reporting.

What really sets D. apart is his almost uncanny ability to instantly perceive the challenges and needs of a company’s brand, culture, and customer. His ability to riff meaningfully and constructively, and in short order turn out unique and memorable deliverables, is simply best-in-class.”

Sara O.

CMO, Delphi