Werewolf Serenade

Next Screening:

Full Moon! 9 pm, June 21, 2024

Smith Rafael Film Center

1118 Fourth Street • San Rafael, CA.

Werewolf Serenade is a campy, low-budget indie dramedy about a middle-aged couple navigating the humorous challenges of transforming into a werewolf. 

When burnt-out college professor Peter MacTire accidentally becomes a werewolf, he and his concert cellist wife Julia embrace the change to thwart an evil occultist plot, save the college, and their marriage.

Filmed in Petaluma, CA, the film follows Peter MacTire, a floundering film professor at a struggling liberal arts college, and his wife Julia, a concert cellist recovering in an expensive mental health clinic after a public meltdown. Peter’s career and marriage are on the line as he undertakes a questionable research project for an occultist patron to buttress the school’s funding. When a mishap with a supernatural elixir leads to him turning into a werewolf, Peter embraces the change to thwart his patron’s evil intentions, save the college, and maybe even his marriage.

Werewolf Serenade is the second feature film from the married filmmaking team of producer and production designer Kary Hess and writer-director Daedalus Howell (their first was Pill Head, an arty, sci-fi-imbued comedy, which the Petaluma Argus-Courier called ​​“Possibly the most bizarre film ever made in Petaluma…” and is now streaming on Amazon Prime).

Throughout the 80s-influenced cinematic ode to Generation X, lycanthropy proves an apt metaphor for everything from body horror, alcoholism, mental illness, career stagnation, and the existential crises of waking up suddenly in one’s 50s.

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