Nobo Coffee

Nobo Coffee was that rare conceptual art project that you could drink. Based in a conceptual café in a conceptual neighborhood. It’s brewed in a surrealist café in the “North Boulevard” area of our town, an arts district we contracted into a name reminiscent of SoHo, SoMa, and Dada all at once: NoBo.

Though Nobo the arts district is still a nascent notion, its namesake coffee did enjoy a brief existence as a pandemic-era project when fostering online experiences (and purchases) was the order of the day.

We partnered with a custom roaster in New York and created a coffee brand replete with various lines and labels (like Chiaroscuro Blues) that evoked the café writer’s life and made them available via an e-commerce website at To wit, Nobo coffee became a more conceptual art product than a project. We’ve since retired the project but be assured it was good to the last drop.

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