Blank Book

Like many creative people, I’m attracted to the possibilities and promise of a handsome new notebook. I’ll scribble a few pages of the next Great American Novel then abandon the notebook, leaving the pages containing little more than writerly shame. What’s worse, is I’ll repeat the process the next time I wander into the blank books shelf at the bookstore.

Then one day I received some business correspondence that included a page that simply read, “This page intentionally left blank.” Chances are you’ve seen similar. Inspiration struck. I realized my interest in handsome notebooks lies not in the pleasure of using them but in acquiring them. That’s when it occurred to me that I needed a notebook that makes its intentions clear from the get-go (and if you’ve read this far, I suspect you do too). Thus was born this conceptual art product — the Blank Book. A classic black, hardcover notebook with an elastic closure and ribbon bookmark to boot and an embossed disclaimer on the cover: “This notebook intentionally left blank.”

Be warned: Irony can inspire creativity so you may find yourself penning genius thoughts into these pages during a fit of creative destruction. Naturally, this may (or may not) contribute value to what may prove to be a priceless work of art.

This limited, 100-run, first edition objet d’art comes with a numbered and signed buckslip.

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