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“Daedalus Howell is one of the most brilliant and inspirational filmmakers/speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. His gift is his ability to think ‘outside the box.’ When speaking to crowds, large or small, Daedalus invites the audience to think beyond conventional wisdom to what is truly possible.”

Anne J. | Storytellers Expo

I think out loud.

Whereas some “think aloud” (and others aren’t allowed to think at all), my interior monologue is writ large in pixels and print. If you need a speaker for your upcoming conference or event, I’m available for in-person or online talks on various topics related to the creative experience.

Breaking Through Creative Blocks: The Unblockumentary

Are you still writing that Great American Novel? Is your self-portrait only half-painted? Is your film project in permanent post-production? In this seminar-style crash course, I can help identify the specific type of block you might be experiencing and explore exercises and methods to overcome them.

Script-Tease: The Naked Truth About Writing Indies

Writers write. But a lot happens between those two words, which I share in comic detail in this revealing talk about craft and creativity, Hollywood, and the hellscape known as the second act.

Spare yourself the angst, embarrassment, and cost of going prematurely into production with a half-baked screenplay because…

A) You can’t “fix it in post.” And B) It’s possible to make a bad movie from a good script but impossible to make a good movie from a bad script. I can help you know the difference.

Schedule a complimentary, exploratory conversation below to learn how I bring voice and verve to your event.

“Daedalus Howell is one of our favorite presenters… He draws a crowd with his reputation as a charismatic, cut-to-the-chase speaker who can pack so much useful information into his talk while simultaneously engaging and entertaining his audience. Everyone leaves feeling educated, inspired, and like their time was well spent.”

Natasha J. | WORK Petaluma