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Perhaps it started when I was a toddler and my mother would bring me to her university film classes. Maybe it was when that impossibly large star destroyer endlessly cruised overhead in a crowded cinema in 1977. It was definitely well-rooted by the time I was taking tickets at the Plaza Theatre as a teen. A five-year lost weekend trying to connect the cue dots in Hollywood made it both somehow near and far at the same time. However it happened, film and filmmaking have long been a passion, a pursuit, and a persona for me. Here’s how I’ve fared thus far…

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Werewolf Serenade

The second film from husband-and-wife team Daedalus Howell and Kary Hess, Werewolf Serenade, is a knowingly campy, unapologetically low-budget indie comedy about a middle-aged couple gamely navigating the challenges of one partner’s sudden transformation into a werewolf.

Filmed in Petaluma, California, the film follows Peter MacTire (Howell), a burned-out film professor at a struggling liberal arts college, and his wife Julia (Emily Keyishian), a concert cellist recovering in an expensive mental health clinic following a public meltdown. Peter’s career and marriage are both on the line as he undertakes a questionable research project for an occultist patron to buttress the school’s funding. When a mishap with a supernatural elixir leads to lycan-inspired life changes, Peter embraces the change to thwart his patron’s evil intentions, save the college, and perhaps even his marriage. (US 2024) 85 min.

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Pill Head

In this arty, no-budget cult flick, an art student OD’s and wakes up in an experimental psych program. When a side effect causes her to see into parallel universes, her suspicions about her weird doctor grow… And so do her powers. Can they help her escape? The author of a quantum travel guide seems to think so. (US 2019) 85 min. “Satirically off-the-wall” Press Democrat “Mindbending…” Sonoma Valley Sun

Pill Head