The difference between conceptual art and branding is negligible for me and my collaborators. To wit, we’ve created a variety of brand concepts and released them into the wild. Some have blossomed into actual ventures.

Modern Story is a lux lifestyle magazine for working creatives that will launch in the Winter of 2024. With its classic wordmark, whimsical paper airplane motif, and editorial brimming with saucy observational reporting and experimental fiction, the publication promises to be a required reading among its select audience.

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FMRL produces and publishes vanguard storytelling and represents various artists and media, from publications and cinema to digital originals.

This is the banner under which we release works by friends in our particular corner of the lit and film scene. Learn more.

We once joked that the North Boulevard part of Petaluma, CA, had all the earmarks of an up-and-coming arts district (warehouse-style lofts, a new wine bar) and thus the neighborhood should be named for a contraction of North and Boulevard — NoBo. What the new “NoBo” area lacked was a coffee house. So we made one. At least online.