creative director

Creative Director

Whether you’re seeking individual creative consulting or a la carte creative direction to galvanize your project, I can help you find your next big idea, make it real, and tell the story.

My work is the organic sugar substitute that helps the meds go down.

“What really sets D. apart is his almost uncanny ability to instantly perceive the challenges and needs of a company’s brand, culture, and customer. His ability to riff meaningfully and constructively, and in short order turn out unique and memorable deliverables, is simply best-in-class.”

Sara O.


Sure, it looks like the punk offspring of Lorem ipsum and a Marx brother but it’s much more (than a slangy placeholder).

Inspiration — to use its formal name — is the quantum spark that can change minds, open hearts, and build worlds.

Whether you have a project needing a creative breakthrough or a crowd clamoring for motivation, I inspire meaningful action with wit, grit, true stories, and hard-won wisdom.

I’m a career-long creative professional who’s ideated and implemented innovative projects for various brands, agencies, and studios.

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Send an email to introduce yourself and your creative needs, and I’ll connect with you ASAP. — DH

“Projects with Daedalus are never boring. He’s quick witted and always brings his “A” game to the table.”

Raymond D., Daigle Digital