I’m passionate about creating focused, elegant, in-voice, and on-brand copywriting that results in quantifiable action.

Selected Works


The best whitepapers document a particular subject, highlight an issue, and offer a resolution. They’re crafted by marketers to inform their audience about a specific matter or to elucidate and advocate for a specific approach. These are some samples I’ve written for clients like you.

  • The Marketer’s Guide to Joy

    The Marketer’s Guide to Joy

    International experiential marketing juggernaut Group Delphi commissioned this whitepaper, The Marketer’s Guide to Joy, as part of their content marketing program. I researched and wrote this comprehensive guide, which, naturally, was…


  • DotBots


    A whitepaper about bespoke robotics solutions is a unique kind of challenge. How does one convey the arcane technological information to the lay reader in a manner that isn’t overly…


Brand Guides

How does your team know what’s “on brand” versus “off-brand?” A handy brand guide is more than a rule book — it’s a blueprint of your brand’s DNA.

  • Andculture


    Creativity and empathy are at the core of human-centered design — the forte of this client. They needed a Brand Guide to help distill their messaging as a provider of…


Product Proposals

Bespoke written roadmaps to take your idea from pitch to product.

  • Octavader


    The best way to go from pitch to product is with a solid product proposal. This one is for a guitar pedal company that sought to license the likeness of…


Case Studies

Engaging reports on how a business fared in its endeavors.

  • Law Firm IT Needs

    Law Firm IT Needs

    This was an interesting assignment: Alternis IT offers concierge-level information technology services to an array of clients—among them, law firms.