TweetUp at Broadway HQ

Social Media and Wine Aficionados ?

Let’s raise a glass to celebrate the recent discovery that the world’s supply of functional Twitter puns has finally run dry. Twee what I mean?

Wired Sonoma invites you to a Tweetup, beginning at 5 p.m. today at the offices of ClickMarkets and DHowell Media Group, 538 Broadway, Suite B, Sonoma.

Wine will flow ??courtesy of sponsor Gloria Ferrer, who will have you know that it makes more than the sparkling darlings for which its widely known. To wit, its splendid 2006 Carneros Pinot Noir will be on hand. Ditto its bubblicious Va de Vi.

Special thanks to Gloria’s Eva Bertran and Julien Gervreau of to Marie Gerwirtz Public Relations.

@WiredSonoma @ClickMarkets @DHowellcom @GloriaFerrer #wstwup

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3 responses to “TweetUp at Broadway HQ”

  1. <span class="topsy_trackback_comment"><span class="topsy_twitter_username"><span class="topsy_trackback_content">WiredSonoma Tweetup with @ClickMarkets and @DHowellcom Info:</span>&lt;…

  2. Thank you for organizing tonight's Tweetup. It was my first one. I enjoyed the discussion about the value of "Sonoma" as a brand. The concept of an "unconference" also has me thinking.

    Well done.

  3. Indeed, an Unconference is where it's @ –- it dovetails nicely with the Sonoma brand (as discussed). Looking forward! DH

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