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MagazineRe: MediaTwitter the "Mayor" of the Middle East?

Twitter the “Mayor” of the Middle East?

I’m just sophomoric enough to still enjoy a typo or two when it comes from in such a venerable a news organization as the New York Times. In a article exploring the 5th anniversary of the launch of Twitter, the Times substituted the word “mayor” for “major” when describing its role in the recent uprisings in Middle East. “Mayor,” of course, is the distinction earned by players of Foursquare to recognize their provenance as a patron of a local business. Given that millions in the Middle East have “checked in” to Twitter in recent weeks, one might say that Twitter is indeed its Mayor, in the social networking meaning of the word. Maybe it will be rewarded a coupon for a free falafel or maybe a slice of fresh baked democracy…


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