The Greatest Motion Picture Created Since the Advent of Cinema

Reelin' in the years.Regular readers might have detected a cinema-centric trend in my recent dispatches from Nomaville. I can explain – since the official launch of FilmArt3, the motion picture division of Three House MultiMedia, my collaborator Raymond Scott Daigle and I have been mulling what we currently call the “Untitled FilmArt3 Feature Film Project.” This is an apt title since we haven’t settled on a story or even the vaguest notion of a premise. All we know is that our film will be “The Greatest Motion Picture CREATED Since the Advent of Cinema,” a technical term we gleaned from one of the many how-to books littering our office. Given the grandiosity of our vision, I, of course, suggested we commit our creative resources to “The Daedalus Howell Story.” Daigle, as fate would have it, had been developing a similar project – “The Raymond Scott Daigle Story.” I told him his title was lame. He told me that at least his film is going to have a happy ending. I asked him what he meant by that but we were interrupted by Flash Lely who pitched us “Shoot First: Confessions of a Well-Dressed Photo Editor.” I told Lely his title was lame, too. Daigle agreed and we showed Lely the door. Lely said our door was lame and we said that was a lame retort. Lely agreed and we all hugged. Then I began writing the Motion Picture of My Life. After a moment, I had a crushing sense of deja vu. This is why…

Scene One.

The Late Projectionist.