Crisis Management

The Complete Guide to Crisis Management for Every Business

This was an interesting assignment for my business communication platform client Beekeeper. Besides cultivating expert sources and conducting original reporting, I learned mucho about the subject — crisis management — perhaps too mucho. Now, I’m compelled to “crisis manage” my entire life.  Had I been a Boy Scout, instead of a fledgling juvenile delinquent, I would’ve already known the essential tenet: Be Prepared. Apparently, the scout’s motto was founded on the initials or  Lieutenant General Baden Powell who wrote as much in the scout’s founding document Scouting for Boys back in 1908. If I were to create a motto based on my initials, it would have to be Die Hilariously. If I can’t have the last laugh in a crisis, I can at least get a laugh. Ba-dum-tss.

Crisis management is both a plan and a process you want in place before an actual crisis occurs. Use our crisis management guide to start planning now.

Source: The Complete Guide to Crisis Management for Every Business

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