The Arms & Legs Live at the Phoenix Theater

After two days confined to the musty enclaves of Roger “The Raj” Tschann’s Grizzly Bear studios, your favorite anatomically-correct rock band, The Arms & Legs, has emerged head first with its first record.

The yet-to-be-titled release (send your suggestions to represents the cumulative efforts of Orion Letizi, Abraham Levy and myself (on guitar, drums and bass respectively). On vocals, as our producer Raj put it, is the Orion Tabernacle Choir.

The recording process went more smoothly than I think any of us expected, due to and perhaps in spite of the fact that we are all lifelong chums who share more prehistory than the early Pleistocene (the era, not the band). That said, be assured that our latest (well, only) record was not undertaken as an archival exercise, nor is it some post-20s nostalgia trip or remembrance of bands past. It is a new beast entirely. And it’s right behind you.

As an example of our sound, consider this: remember in grade school when, as a science experiment, you put a tooth in a bottle of Coke and retrieved it a week later only to discover that it had turned black and become totally decayed? Okay, our band sounds nothing like that.

Tell you what, download our single, “One of Many,” right here:

To celebrate our studio triumph, The Arms & Legs will ring in the New Year live with The New Trust, Free Cowboy Hats and Thus The Buzz beginning at 8 p.m., December 31, at the venerable Phoenix Theater, 201 Washington St., Petaluma, CA. The gig is free and open to all ages.

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