Talk is Cheap… And I Like It





Check, check… Is this thing on?

And… we’re back! One of the pleasures of being a local media gadfly is getting down with O.P.P. — Other People’s Podcasts — yeah, you know me.

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Here are two from recent weeks that depart from similar places (namely, the alt-weekly game wherein, as you know, I’m the editor of a couple of flagship rags) and land in distinct and interesting terrain.

The first is a breezy 20-minute convo with Jeff Burkhart and Kevin Blum, a pair of Marin media alums who host the appropriately titled Barfly Podcast (now with 100% less Bukowski).

Consider it an apéritif to my three-course appearance on Sonoma County: A Community Portrait with Cincinnatus Hibbard (a man after my own heart, if not name), in which I discuss the aforementioned newspapers, my upcoming new film Wolf Story and something called “The Master Narrative of Sonoma County.”

These experiences reminded me how much I used to enjoy producing a podcast (a refresher), which I ebbed off due to pandemic malaise (sounds like a fancy French condiment, n’est-ce pas?).

If I did it again, it would be a solo, lo-fi endeavor delivered sporadically through this platform with stakes so low you’d probably find them under the table (where I’ll be with two Tempranillos and a microphone). Stay tuned. — DH

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