• Transmedia, Worldbuilding and Weird German Words

    Transmedia, Worldbuilding and Weird German Words

    Remember when the entertainment industry was pushing the term “transmedia?” Yeah, neither do I but how do we refer to the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms?

  • Transmedia opps for Authors & Publishers (or, is it Milton’s world and we just write in it?)

    Transmedia: A New World of Opportunity for Authors and Publishers By Javier Celaya As a writer in the 21st century, I am rather curious as to the different opportunities transmedia storytelling has to offer in the process of creating a work. Which multimedia languages are the most appropriate in which to tell a story? What…

  • SEO as a Networking Tool

    In no way do I purport to understand the alchemy of search engine optimization ? that arcane conflux of meta tags, algorithmic jockeying and ritual sacrifice to Google that produces page rankings and spankings in equal measure. Well, who knows if it’s equal ? that sort of proprietary information lives in some server barn in…

  • Transmedia: From One Many

    In the wrong hands, an emerging buzzword like ?transmedia? could end up as Craigslist slang under either ?auto parts? or ?casual encounters,? especially for those who ?like to watch.? A recent University of California, Los Angels and University of Southern California ?industry symposium? attempted to clarify the term at a conference dubbed ?Transmedia Hollywood: S/Telling…