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  • Sonoma International Film Festival Cometh

    Daedalus Howell Come every April, there are four words that get uttered here in Sonoma – “the film festival returneth.” Well, no one actually says it quite like that, but the annual cinematic juggernaut is such a transformative presence on the town that it deserves biblical-sounding lingo. Or at least something vaguely Shakespearean, like: “Is…

  • How to Make an Indie Film in Sonoma

    I have an iPhone app called “Location Scout” that couples the device’s geo-location ability with the Internet Movie Database. What this means is that wherever I am, I can activate the app and instantly know what movies were shot there. On Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the app’s usefulness is well below, say, “potato salad,” which,…

  • Sonoma Intl Film Fest Sponsored by the letters T&A

    Diana Dawn, our local professional Marilyn Monroe impersonator and starlet in her own right will be leading the Q&A for one of the short film programs. As Dawn explained, she’s ?Gone from T&A to Q&A in just two years of living in Sonoma.? See, filmmakers, dreams do come true in Sonoma.