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  • Coffee Art: The Oscar for Best Barista

    If coffee art had its own category in Academy Awards, “Coffee Artist of the Stars” Michael Breach (@baristart) would certainly rank a nomination if not sweep – especially this year for his coffee art creations for the Best Picture nominees. Via @illy_coffee

  • Coffee Money – A Writer’s Addiction

    I closed out the books for my media empire last week and this is what I learned: I spend far too much money on coffee. I mean, hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, a year. On coffee. This is money that could be better spent on, say, my retirement plan (the balance of which presently…

  • F’queu: The Art of Waiting in Line in Sonoma

    It used to be Napa and Marin — counties historically assailed for propagating cultures of entitlement, privilege and general snobbery — that bred expectations of social superiority among the chattering classes. Turns out, there’s a homemade breed which, to the awesome chagrin of a score of patrons at El Dorado Kitchenette one recent morning, made…