Storyboarding Pill Head: The Process Begins

Drawn by Karen Hess.
Drawn by Karen Hess.

With the script (all but!) locked and pre-production well underway, production designer Karen Hess/Hell has started sketching the storyboard for our upcoming feature Pill Head

The scene depicted above is an early one, which comes soon after our heroine’s overdose (there’s a joke in there somewhere) wherein she asks her nurse “I’m not dead, right?” Moreover, the framing is a nod to Stanley Kubrick’s apparent obsession with one-point perspective (see the supercut below)…

…And my favorite scene in Amadeus in which a freshly “repentant” Salieri is wheeled through the corridor of an asylum:

 “Mediocrities of the world, I absolve you!” says F. Murray Abraham as Salieri — a benediction I can use as I inch ever closer to my feature film directing debut. Somehow, I think the notoriously exacting Kubrick would be less forgiving of any filmic foibles.

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