Sign of the Times: FMRL Parking Edition

You know you’re legit when you not only have your own parking space but a big f-off sign saying so. Behold, the official FMRL Parking Sign. Now we no longer need to fight for parking with Danny Glover and his Carrie Productions, which, seriously, takes up 70% of the lot. Meh. Perhaps I’m just spiny because his crew hasn’t accepted my LinkedIn invitation to take on the Zaentz Media Center as the East Bay’s nexus of indie media-making. So be it, someday we will have TWO parking spaces and Carrie Productions’ parking lot domination will begin to crumble. Meanwhile, our street-parking initiative is in full-force ?’soon you’ll have to sublet metered parking from us, for we are lords of space and time. Another hour, another dollar…

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