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Rainy Day Activities

Here comes the rain again...Here are some utterly unsettling rainy day activities to wile away this wet Sonoma weather:

Look up area road closures online! For example, on its “Current Road Closures and Detours” page, Sonoma County Public Works reminds that the Verano Bridge, that lifeline between the eastern and western hemispheres of Sonoma (closed for repairs so long ago that an entire generation of Sonomans stare vacuously upon its mention), will not re-open until the dead heat of August. This means the 5 p.m. crawl up Highway 12, will have time to perfect its recreation of Hell by not only being interminable, but inferno-like as well.


Considering bulimia? Why suffer the stigma of an eating disorder when you can get food poisoning instead? Here’s a place to start: the County of Sonoma Health Services website has a searchable database of the food inspection records for your favorite restaurants. Puts the “Mmm” in salmonella.


If you’re looking to deflate the real estate bubble in your area, you can start by researching the whereabouts of your local registered sex offenders. The Office of the Attorney General of California, under Megan’s Law, keeps online tabs on such offenders and is searchable by zip code. As Robert Frost says, “Good fences make good neighbors,” but a little razor wire might help.


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