Pop Art Moment: Icarus

While the Contessa and our friend Petra are busy assailing the staff of Room&Board with questions about the availability of mocha-hued microfiber on the “Jasper” sofa and chaise combo, I’m having my own Roam&Bored moment turning iPhone snaps in pop art. Behold “Icarus No. 2,” so named for the labyrinth motif upon which the red-bellied infant CPR mannequin has found itself at (eternal) rest and the fact that I inadvertently deleted the first version.

The effect used to process the otherwise native iPhone shot is the “Helga” selection from the Camera Bag app, which is designed to emulate the vintage look of a Holga camera (the app also has a “Lolo” setting that approximates the look of a Lomo — I’m patiently awaiting an “X-Ray Specs” plugin).

I make no claims for the aesthetic success of this image, other than I hope that you find it as creepy as I do. The maze image was stitched to a pillow I found at an SF baby shop that was conducting an infant CPR class I attended earlier today. Perhaps I should get one for my new couch. Survey says?

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