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Poet Michael Giotis Shares New Collection ‘Daybreak’

Petaluma, CA-based poet Michael Giotis will read selections of his upcoming poetry collection, Daybreak, a collection of 40 poems that represent a snapshot of the author wrestling with existential quandaries and the vagaries of love in the postmodern era.

Daybreak is Michael Giotis' debut collection.
Daybreak is available at FMRL.

Daybreak will be released on August 24, 2019, by Petaluma-based FMRL (a sister site of Icarian Times) and distributed by Ingram Book Company. A reading, also featuring poets Jonah Raskin and Stacey Tuel, commences at 7 p.m., Saturday, August 24, at WORK Petaluma, 10 4th Street, Petaluma.

“Michael Giotis’s poems do what nearly all innovative poems do. They invigorate the language, help rewire our circuits and enable us to see the world anew,” says Jonah Raskin, author, most recently, of Dark Day, Dark Night. “If you have forgotten what authentic poetry can do for the heart and the soul, or if you never knew, then take a deep breath, plunge into Giotis’s strange and wonderful world and wake up to Daybreak.”

Giotis grew up with his single mother in a Bay Area suburban apartment in California and spent summers in Greece with his father sailing between the islands of the Aegean Sea. The poems in Daybreak were written in days suspended between these two cultures, two languages, and two classes. Giotis earned a degree in philosophy from San Francisco State University with an emphasis in critical and postmodern theory, an experience that directly informs the work in Daybreak.

A dynamic reader, Giotis is known to local audiences as a vocalist in 90s-era San Francisco Bay Area grunge acts luggage and MCBF among others. He speaks regularly to enthusiastic audiences on the interconnectedness of environmental sustainability and organizational culture.

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