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Should it be “putting the me in media” or the I ? The real question is “who cares?” Apparently, me do – at least enough to include a link to David Templeton’s “Speed of Film” article from this week’s Bohemian. Templeton was kind enough to pen some bon mots regarding FilmArt3, the new shingle I’m happily helming here in the wine country.  In the piece, Templeton recounts how he came to star in Farewell, My Android – our sci-fi short, which took all of 48 hours to execute. Now, darlings, I invite you to watch The Superhero, another speedy production now playing on SVTV27, and, of course, here.  It’s another of our series of “philosophical comedies,” a genre listed just before “physical comedy” in the Encyclopedia Commedia, which is loosely defined as “a work that is laughable in its attempt to be profound.” We try.

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