New Cover for Quantum Deadline

Big shout out to Alan Dino Hebel and Ian Koviak of Fairfax, CA-based theBookDesigners, the dream team behind the latest cover incarnation for my novel Quantum Deadline. From ideation, concept and execution, these gents delivered the goods on every level and in spite of my frequently sassy feedback and half-assed design knowledge. (As they say, I know just enough to be dangerous.)

Their new design draws on myriad influences – not least of which the bizarro Polish renditions of American film posters and their own exquisite work for bestselling authors like Elizabeth Gilbert and recent re-issues of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. I can see some conceptual DNA shared between their cover for Scott Donaldson’s The Impossible Craft and the eerie eyeball motif on their work for Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Add Fleming’s palette and we’re in business.

Looking forward to future covers from theBookDesigners as the Lumaville Labyrinth continues to unfurl. If these guys designed houses, I’d live in one – though I’d probably forgo the ubiquitous, cycloptic eyeball staring into my soul.

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