Name That Movie: Werewolf Edition

As some readers may know, the FMRL filmmaking cohort is in the near-final throes of completing a werewolf-themed romantic comedy. Beyond the fine-cutting of the edit, sound design, scoring, mixing, and color correction (not to mention the various creative conundrums and cinematic MacGyvering), there is the issue of the film’s title.

We’ve had many. Too many. Enough that any update I make to IMDBPro yields replies like “Really?” and “What’s it going to be next week, pal?”

Naming a feature film is akin to cramming the entire film and its prospective marketing campaign into a few words. Make that words that sound simultaneously novel and familiar that adequately convey the salient factors: werewolves, love, music, and above all, laughter.

The loglineWhen burnt-out film studies professor Peter MacTire accidentally becomes a werewolf, he and his concert cellist/music professor wife, Julia, embrace the change to thwart an on-campus occultist plot and save the college — as well as their marriage.

The title candidates thus far, in no particular order, and a few ringers thrown in:

  • Wolftone (or, alternately, simply “The Wolftone), which references an off-note produced by a cello that features prominently.
  • Wolf Note (or, alternately, simply “The Wolf Note”), ditto.
  • Werewolf Serenade (veiled “Moonlight” reference)
  • Werewolf Holiday (when in Rome)
  • Wolf Story (as in, “Love means never having to say you’re a werewolf”)
  • Wolf Stories (same as above but more)
  • How to Cook a Werewolf (just being clever — apologies to M.F.K. Fisher)
  • Steppenwolf 2 (a hat tip to the Herman Hesse book, which is maligned throughout the film)

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As a kind of amuse-bouche, I offer the video below — a time-lapse of Kary Hess testing some old-school, practical make-up effects on me (inspired by the original Universal wolfman, Henry Hull of Werewolf of London, circa 1935, as seen above).

C’est moi:

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