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Meanwhile…At the Story Desk

“Pffft,” you say. “WTF’S a ‘story desk?’”

Well, it’s like the news desk at a newspaper but instead of, say, covering the Man Bites Dog beat, it’s all about the seamy underbelly of storytelling and why it matters (beyond fun and profit).

Story is the currency of our times. Story shapes our culture, story drives a shit ton of commerce, and story shapes our consciousness. 

In this Substack, I examine the art and business of storytelling culture and the bodies left in its wake. I flirt with the practical magic of story, make prognostications, and ribald remarks, and attempt a media-agnostic deconstruction of story and the intellectual property they rode in on. I also reveal my exquisite, comic. Timing.

Making stories has been the central preoccupation of my career. After hundreds of bylines, columns, a passel of PR, dozens of short films, a couple of feature films, and a novel or two, this Substack is my bold claim that I know enough about story… to be dangerous.

If Daedalus Howell | Story Desk was a major motion picture, this would be its logline:

When a journalist uncovers a plot in the underworld of professional storytelling, he and his attractive, brilliant subscribers have to save the IP before it’s DOA.

And adding more to the alphabet soup, let’s not forget AI, NFTs, and the FOIA requests we’ll explore to break the story before it breaks us.

Daedalus Howell
Daedalus Howellhttps://dhowell.com
Welcome to one man's search for meaning through media making. Whether you're an active "creative," or an artist-adjacent culture serf, perhaps you will find my (mis)adventures in the screentrade, publishing, journalism and other arts edifying and inspiring — or at least mordantly humorous. More about me here.

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