Where to Find Lost Scripts: Breakfast Club Edition

So, an early draft of The Breakfast Club has been discovered in a high school filing cabinet in the Chicago high school at which it was filmed. The New York Post’s Kyle Smith summed it up best when he wrote?” It was kinda like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls of Generation X.”

Lost Script, Last Page:



     We see Bender walking towards us as Brian's monologue

                          BRIAN (VO)
               But what we found out is that each
               one of us is a brain...

                        ANDREW (VO)
               ...and an athlete...

                         ALLISON (VO)
               ...and a basket case...

                         CLAIRE (VO)
               ...a princess...

                         BENDER (VO)
               ...and a criminal...

                          BRIAN (VO)
               Does that answer your question?
               Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.

     We see Bender walking across the football field
     as he thrusts his fist into the air in a silent cheer
     and freezes there. And then Han shoots Greedo first.

Besides’realizing that the film came out 30 years ago this year (like I didn’t feel old already), it got me thinking about other lost scripts and the auspicious places their drafts might be found…

Breakfast Club Script

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