Johan Non and the Magic Box

Received the missive below from my Portland-based pal and publisher Jonathan Legare (some may recall him by his Lumaville appellation “Johan Non”). Perhaps the natty ol’ viking will someday give fellow Portlander Gus Van Sant a run for his money:

After all these years, “it” has finally become so clear to me now. All the poetry, all the off-the-cuff stories at cafes, the hoarding of esoteric knowledge, the mastery of spontaneous development of facades, the performances, all have constructed me for this.

Such dawned on me after reading the 6th obituary for Marlon (Brando). My whole life has always been my own “Method School.?” I can’t let anything hold me back now Daed, and I wanted you to be the first to know of my decision, I am changing the trajectory of my life to its true course and destiny to be the STAR that I am. Daedalus, I……..I…… an Actor!

I offer you proof of what I state, please see the attached image, it is a payment check to ME as TALENT for the Comcast commercial.

Your Dear Friend,
Jonathan Legare

Bravo, Johan! I’ll presume it’s “No more galleys and proofs” now that you’ve been seduced by the infernal glow of the little screen. At last, your agent can get that coffee and bagel he always wanted.