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Is it real or is it Replica?

I'm guessin' it's by Jessamyn!“From one, many,” sure it’s E. pluribus unum in reverse (for a refresher, read a penny), but it’s also the de facto battle cry of copy shop chains, which seem to make copies of themselves nearly as frequently as they reproduce customers’ [place your original here] on 20 pound recycled white bond.

Such chains may have to find a new battle cry (something more akin to a whimper and sigh) with the upcoming release of director Raymond Daigle’s comic debut Replica, an indicting portrait of copy shop cogs that make more mayhem than copies as corporate chicanery inevitably erodes their esprit de corps. Think David, David, David and Goliath, or more specifically, stars Josh Staples and I in shop aprons taking orders, then taking down the Man.

A sneak preview screening plays at 8 p.m., Saturday, May 20 as part of Short & Sweet, a short films showcase hosted by the A Street Gallery, 312 South A Street, Santa Rosa, CA. $8. For more information, call 707/579-9124

Watch the Replica trailer.

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