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In Zod We Trust

Several thousand pennies left the U.S. Mint with a typo this week. The coinage, which usually features the four-word epitaph “In God we trust,” was released to the masses reading “In Zod we trust.”

The misspelling has raised debate regarding the separation of church and state and concerns about the whereabouts of General Zod, the leader of a threesome of evildoers vanquished to the Phantom Zone in Superman: The Movie. Zod later returned to star in Superman II and took over the United States with his hot, evil girlfriend and man-child sidekick, Non.

The Best of Zod.

Authorities will not comment on whether the misprinted pennies are the work of the evildoer. However, some believe it could suggest his return to the current Superman movie franchise as a promotional device.

20th Century Fox was recently reprimanded after it hired the Franklin Mint, a private manufacturer of collectible coins, to place an image of Marvel crime fighter the Silver Surfer on the backs of 40,000 California statehood quarters. Of course, it would take 25 Zod pennies to contend with one Silver Surfer quarter, but neither coin can compare to the Daedalus Howell Commemorative Tin Bouillon Bar. This begs the question, am I a superhero or a supervillain? (Diabolical laughter.)

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