God Save the Blog

Special thanks to the UK’s Guardian Unlimited for naming this space it’s “Pick of the Day” in its NewsBlog section. Having been an adolescent anglophile (the only period in one’s life when such behavior is even remotely forgivable ? take a note, Carpe) it was particularly heartwarming to receive this missive in the morning’s mail:

Dear Sir

Congratulstions [sic], you’re today’s blog pick.


Ah, ye olde English economy and concision. And a darling little typo to boot (I can’t help but imagine some well-wishing English lass slurring the salutation, sipping from a glass of bubbly she’d forgotten she’d meant for me). In the very least, dear readers, I believe it’s safe to assume that Jane is most likely a human and not some order of Brit-blog-bot on a thankless quest to find schnooks like myself and gladhand us with form letters. And we are grateful.

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