So Long, And Thanks for All the Memes.

Reclaiming My Digital Voice.

I’ve been recovering from a recent bout of digital marketing. I don’t want to go into where or how I got it, just that it’s left me itchy in that way that creative types get because we needed the money. This sounds more venereal than intended, but then, courting a certain virality was part of the gig. The scratch for this itch? Some old school Internetting. Hence, I’m doubling down on blogs, emails, and the occasional audio missive that’s infrequent enough not to be confused with an actual podcast. And I’m doing it at DaedalusHowell.com. Welcome to the party.

I’m also hastening an end to my tenuous relationship with social media. I ceded my Twitter account to Culture Dept., the arts business of which I’m a partner. I’m contemplating further social media decouplings. Snapchat? Don’t get it, don’t care. Instagram? Meh. How ’bout I just send you postcards from Lumaville instead? Surely, there’s some leftover stock from the Petaluma Postcard Project?


I long ago converted my Facebook profile into a “page,” which is the social media equivalent of Kal-El giving up his superpowers in Superman II — sure, you can become mortal but then you can’t really do anything and you can’t get your powers back unless you find that magic glow stick (and that, my friends, was last seen at a SOMA warehouse in the 90s).

Is that you, magic glow stick?

Thereafter, Facebook has merely served me as a “distribution vector,” as “infrequent electronic letter”-writer Craig Mod aptly describes his similar use of social media. Perhaps I’ll hire a Russian bot to post for me rather than going all in on #deletefacebook, which requires an AI to figure out how to do anyway.

This is the general thinking: If I’m going to scream into a hole on the Internet, I should own it and my personal data with it. That way, I can more effectively market to myself and turn a vicious circle of posting to ZERO readers into a virtuous cycle of affirming the work of Number Fucking ONE.

Also — I’m just gonna say no to SEO. Now Google can’t find me and stalk me with ads for every search term I’ve ever entered. I recently dropped the E on Moleskine and have been pursued by blister protection products since.

And no more digital sharecropping for the likes of @Jack and Zuck and probably Vladimir. I could never muster the algorithmic mojo to viably surface on their platforms anyway. In this infowar, I’m not interested in being a hostage. So, I’m going to tend my own online Victory Garden and make it fertile ground — even if that means it’s only full of my own manure.


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One response to “So Long, And Thanks for All the Memes.”

  1. It’s the zeitgeist, especially for Xers and Ys, I think. I’ve been doing the same, fueled by much the same attitude. Yesterday I wept for life before the year 2K, and I’m not kidding.

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