Voice from the Past and Future

Dave Fennoy, Voice of God
Dave Fennoy, Voice of God/Hulu

As Hulu continues to siphon viewers from TV land into its gaping maw of its voluminous server-barns, we can finally say ?Convergence is upon us.? Fortunately, no one is using the word ?convergence? anymore. However, back when we did, one man’s voice could be heard loud and clear above the din of ka-ching and kaput. That voice belonged to Dave Fennoy.

Fennoy has been the deep, golden-throated resonance behind such companies as McDonalds, Corona Beer, Toyota and AT&T (he also done stints with nearly every TV and cable network reachable by remote). Moreover, according to the Wookiepedia, Fennoy’s voice can be heard in a couple of Star Wars video games, which, I believe, is casting agent code for ?Fennoy is cheaper than James Earl Jones.? This was good news for Jerry Rapp and I, who happened to be creating content for Hypnotic, which was then a subsidiary of Universal Pictures (then it wasn’t, then it somehow morphed into Bourne Identity helmer Doug Liman’s shingle and eventually changed its name to ?Dutch Oven Productions? for reasons lost to the annals of Hollywood).

Anyway, Rapp and I produced a suite of mock 1950s-style educational films for the pre-Le Creuset version of the company, which included narration by Fennoy, whose ?Voice of God? one might now recognize as the ?Voice of Hulu? (“The following program is brought to you with limited commercial interruption by…”).

To edify your ears with the genius of Fennoy back when ?hulu? only meant ?cease and desist? in Swahili (seriously), I present to you the complete R&H Educational Film Series in this convenient YouTube player (yeah, take that, Showtime).

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  1. Meet Dave Fennoy, the Voice of Hulu http://shar.es/aKyr

  2. RT @DaedalusHowell: Meet Dave Fennoy, the Voice of Hulu http://shar.es/aKyr
    #tcot #lt

  3. Daedalus Howell Avatar
    Daedalus Howell

    Meet Dave Fennoy, the Voice of Hulu http://shar.es/aKyr

  4. @danforthfrance Permit me to namedrop my man Fennoy — the voice of Hulu http://lumaville.com/dave-fennoy-hulu/

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