Cheech and Chong

Before Harold and Kumar’s parents smoked their first joint, mainstream consciousness had been permanently altered by stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong. Reunited after a quarter-century hiatus from their partnership huffing and puffing and bringing down the house in their live act, comedy albums and films, the alliteratively-named sketch act is back on the road and receiving national nods such as a New York Times profile (loaded with multimedia extras).

I ‘ve had the pleasure of interviewing both Cheech and Chong, whose cinematic oeuvre I inhaled as a preteen, up late watching HBO. The chat with Cheech Marin coincided with the release of Pixar’s Cars and the interview with Tommy Chong was printed in FineLife Sonoma Magazine in July of 2008.

Glad to know they’re still smokin?.

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