Forgoing his right to remain silent, Police Academy films creator Paul Maslansky has pitched another episode of the 80’s cop comedy to Warner Bros. brass, the Guardian UK reports today.

“I felt it was time to start again,” said Maslansky. “I saw that Starsky & Hutch and a number of other revivals were doing really well. Police Academy has such a great history. I thought: ‘Why not?’”

Steve Guttenberg. That’s why not.

Guttenberg’s last appearance in the franchise was in 1987’s Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol. Proving that anything you say can and will be used against you, Guttenburg once responded to rumors of a spin-off featuring his reformed n’er-do-well Sgt. Carey Mahoney character with “Definitely. It’s coming. People will look down at the idea, but they’re in the same business of making money too.”

Money? The only viable joke in the last installment of the series, 1994’s Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, was that its US gross was a measly $76,673.

“I sure hope they do it. If the script’s right ? I’m definitely in,” Guttenburg continued, then threatened, “You never know, I may direct.”

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