Returning readers and those with whom I regularly correspond via email might have noticed a schism developing in the branding of this company of late. Weekly, I vacillate between calling my media empire (you’ll see ? you’ll all see) the rather staid DHowell Media Group and the merry prankster-tinged Daedalus Troupe. Permit me to clarify: Seeing as I’m the boss, I thought it prudent to experiment a bit before the official public outing come Fall. Currently and legally, the business is DHowell LLC and will remain so at least for the near long term. That said, I’m interested in operating under a slightly flashier DBA, hence the aforementioned permutations of the names above. Here’s where you come in: If you have an opinion, I encourage you to share it in the comments below.

Admittedly, if the masthead is any indication, I’m leaning toward The Daedalus Troupe for a variety of reasons. This name affords a personal association with the brand but can operate autonomous of me without absorbing my entire identity (think: “Charles Shaw”). This notion adhere’s to my “be the brand” ethos but also buys me an out ? I don’t own the term “Daedalus.” In fact, there are dozens of “Daedalus” branded businesses but none followed by “troupe,” which I believe best fits our? “me/we” structure: I have the privilege of leading a talented team of creatives on projects on an ad hoc basis. The risk, however, is that we hazard sounding like a bunch of mimes. Can the term “troupe” be reclaimed. You tell me…

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