Ad Firm’s Anti-Website

Hearken back to the late Jurassic period of the web (2000 AD), when branding one’s endeavors online meant hording all of one’s content under a single site loaded with logos and various means of “protecting” one’s digital assets. Fast forward to the social web when one’s branded digital assets are extended through various third-party providers and now live on and off one’s personal site through nifty embed codes and widgets. MarketingDaily’s Karl Greenberg has uncovered a mutation of this current trend in the form of North Carolina ad agency Boone Oakley whose url,, simply redirects to a YouTube page and does away with the notion of a branded-site entirely.

Says David Oakley, Boone Oakley’s co-creative director:

“The agency vision thing in so many Web sites is such bullshit. We have never taken ourselves that seriously, so we like to poke fun at ourselves, and people find that refreshing; we have gotten some comments that it’s an ‘anti-website.’”

The anti-website has received over a 100,000 views since launched five days ago. Albeit, the traffic is being driven, in part, by blog-borne acolytes like myself who applaud the novelty of an agency site that cuts through the dross of self-promotion and simply presents the goods at a total cost of zero. More to the point, the move to a YouTube-only site has proven tantamount to something of a social media marketing campaign in itself. I, however, won’t be making such a move until I acquire enough Google stock to brand the video-sharing site Daedaltube (though that sort of defeats the purpose, methinks).

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