Are you there Zod, it’s me Daedalus.

Communication Breakdown



From:  Daedalus Howell <>

To: General Zod <>

Date: May 26, 2023, 11:27 PM

Subject:  Superman Situation

Gen. Zod — Welcome back from the Phantom Zone, man! Didn’t expect you back so early. Sorry my phone died right when you texted. The irony, right?  It’s been iffy since that time I dropped into the hot tub with Non and Ursa. BTW, whatever happens in the DC Cinematic Universe stays in the DC Cinematic Universe 😉

Anyway, been meaning to get back to you but life’s been crazy since — drum roll — I quit the Daily Planet. Yep. Fuck those guys. The publishers hired some square from Smallville (no, really, that’s a place) and said they were doubling down on the “hyper-local” model. I know, so 10 years ago. Honestly, if they wanted to go hyper-local, they should have kept that asshole in Smallville and started a thing there. Duh.

So, I rage quit and started a Substack. It’s the future, bro. I already have like a million subscribers.

As you might expect all the above kinda slowed up my attempts to locate the so-called “Man of Steel” per our deal. But I’m totally on it. What might help me and my man Lex tho, is maybe a little advance on the second payment. I know we said half now and half later but — truth be told — Lex is facing some cash flow issues. Don’t quote me but I think he has a wee bit of a gambling problem — the front seat of the Volvo is littered with scratchers.

And before you ask, yes, I still have the lead box with your crypto or whatever. Dude, isn’t that shit supposed to be digital?

And not so… glowy?

Anyway, you can pick it up when you bring the advance.

Best, DH

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