• Who’s Afraid of Steppenwolf?

    Who’s Afraid of Steppenwolf?

    Treatise on a Hesse Mess As Steamboat Willie sailed into the public domain, media pundits fanned its fire with hot-takes about what it means for the Mouse House. The professional…

  • So long, and Thanks for All the Fish Wrap

    So long, and Thanks for All the Fish Wrap

    A newspaperman bids adieu to 2023. If you’re not careful, this job will turn you into a cigar-chomping J. Jonah Jameson-style cartoon parody of an editorial professional rather rapidly (except,…

  • Movies, Marketing & Mayhem

    Movies, Marketing & Mayhem

    Making movies is hard. Making movies that make money is even harder. Perhaps hardest of all is facing the stark realities of the American Film Market. I attended AFM a few…