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Below are blips on the media radar either about me or that quote me. If you’re a media maven interested in a chat (I’m good for insights on making indie media, arts/culture and cavorting in wine country) , click here. Thanks! DH

Bohemian: Be Right Back

Santa Rosa’s Community Media Center may see a second life yet… Enter Daedalus Howell, who as new executive director has rebranded the center as CMedia and introduced drastic changes expected to satisfy the city.

MSN Money: Are original movies in Netflix’s future?

The company’s subscribers may place a higher value on TV series, which are more conducive to ‘binge viewing’ and are superior at engaging a fan base. Daedalus Howell opines. Originally published on Minyanville.

Press Democrat: Looking for a Good Book?

Daedalus Howell’s “I Heart Sonoma: How to Live & Drink in Wine Country” offers irreverent, but loving verbal snapshots of “Wine Country” depicting the world of vineyards, tasting rooms, and wine aficionados, taken with a dark and comedic zoom lens.

Petaluma 360: Trading Highways for Vineyards

Daedalus Howell will be the featured author and described the event as his personal “homecoming,” in that he’s returning to the birthplace of his writing career.

Sonoma Index-Tribune: Howell Releases I Heart Sonoma

The Berkeley-based digital publishers, FMRL, has released author Daedalus Howell’s “I Heart Sonoma: How to Live & Drink in Wine Country,” a collection of hilarious personal essays on Wine Country living as only an astute talent like Howell can tell it.

The Personal Branding Blog: Building a Celebrity Brand Through YouTube

According to Daedalus Howell, a Producer for the Future Media Research Lab in California, the answer lies in how seriously an artist takes social media, namely YouTube.

The Evolving New Media Pitch

From the inVocus media blog, a peek into the future of pitching stories to the media – both traditional and social varieties.

Internet Evolution: The Rupe to the Rescue of Journalism… Maybe

Founder of the Future Media Research Lab in Sonoma Calif., argues that The Daily is not a standalone startup; it, in fact, has the vast resources of News Corp.

Sonoma Magazine: An Advertisement for Himself

How Daedalus Howell became a one-man brand. (PDF)

NPR’s Morning Edition: Red Wine Pills: Buyer Beware 

Filmmaker and writer Daedalus Howell is intrigued by the promise of resveratrol. When he first heard about the research, he offered to be a test subject in a human study to see if the longevity effect found in mice holds up in people.

Strange but Compelling Citations:

Duck & Cover,” The Escapist

Rosie and Mrs. America: Perceptions of Women in the 1930s and 1940s

Fire, Blood and Alphabet: One Hundred Years of Lorca

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