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This is where I riff, rehearse and otherwise make first (and sometimes last) attempts with ongoing projects in fiction, film and cultural critiques from a garret in Sonoma County. Think of it as a some harum-scarum cocktail party where the works rub shoulders, accidently switch coats and sneak out bathroom windows together. Viewer discretion is advised. Viewer indiscretions are encouraged. Your feedback is welcomed.

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Breakfast Club

Where to Find Lost Scripts

So, an early draft of The Breakfast Club has been discovered in a high school…

Single Life

My brother’s romantic advice to me…


Write or Drink?

Interactive Fiction Experiment: Write or Drink?

As many of you know, I'm a sucker for crowd-driven writing jags (hence, my annual…

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Daedalus HowellI write for pixels and pulp, pen slipstream sci-fi crime fiction and use my chops as a once-upon-a-time newspaperman to research the recherche (and other French words) on my blog.

As a hired gun, I’ve filed columns for dozens of papers and magazines, from daily metros to the local rag I delivered as a paperboy.
I had protracted lost weekend in Hollywood working in film and TV development, squatting lots, ghosting and making short works for studios and record labels.

I was briefly an award-winning wine critic but upgraded my rosé-tinted glasses for X-ray specs – all the better to examine the seamy underbelly of Lumaville, the setting of my recent work and the small town to which I’ve recently returned to save my soul…

Affiliations include Men's Health, San Francisco Chronicle, Sonoma Index-Tribune, North Bay Bohemian and others.

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